Remodel, Renovate, or Leave it Be?

Let’s talk about renovation and remodeling. This controversial post on Apartment Therapy got us thinking about something we come across all too often: homes that have had the character remodeled right out of them.

Sometimes you walk into a house and it’s perfect with all its flaws, or maybe it just needs a little help to shine. Maybe you find pre-war architecture charming while others find it inconvenient or fussy. You might like an airy midcentury dayranch where someone else desires more of a cozy log cabin. There’s no one right way to live, and your home should reflect you and your needs. The point is you’re never going to wring a minimalist modern house out of a dark-wooded craftsman, and maybe that lovely unpainted wood is someone else’s holy grail just as it is.

There’s something to be said for keeping with the original spirit of a home. If you walk into a house and the first thing you notice is everything you want to change, it might not be the right house for you no matter how great the location is. Maybe you’re the person who wants to polish and cherish what others would take to the landfill, but realistically you’d need a miracle and an endless budget to make it work. Either way, it’s good to recognize when renovating makes sense, and when it’s throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

We know every old house is not a gem in disguise, but the architects and designers of old put a lot of effort into their work, and once upon a time someone loved that house just as it was. And maybe someone still would. Is it you?

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